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This experience changed me forever for the better... Natalie walks you through the entire process, she’s very patient, and doesn’t leave anything to chance. I was nervous, apprehensive, and was really consumed with doubt about “me.”  When I saw my images for the first time today, I burst into happy tears!! I looked natural, sexy, and absolutely beautiful!! I saw myself in a way I’ve never imagined or seen before...

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This was my first boudoir experience and it was simply AMAZING! I was slightly nervous about being so vulnerable (and basically naked) in front of the camera AND another human, but Natalie made me feel instantly comfortable in a super supportive, non-judgmental atmosphere. My photos turned out amazing... Such great quality! An overall phenomenal experience that I think everyone needs to have! I would definitely do it all over again!

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My experience with Natalie from our first meeting to choosing photos was so awesome. Being the wife of a photographer I know how much work goes into the profession and I truly admire her and her work. As women we see all of our flaws but Natalie made me feel so beautiful and empowered the entire time she was photographing me. I felt so comfortable with her and she made the entire experience so much fun...

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What an amazing experience! I shot with Mia Portrait Studio a few months ago for a wedding gift for my soon to be husband. We did a bridal boudoir session in which I can not say enough great things about. Natalie really made an awesome experience for me and something I will remember forever. Knowing that I'm a little shy and not completely comfortable for creating a boudoir shoot, Natalie really made me feel like I was hanging out with one of my really good girlfriends for the day...





My passion for photography started so long ago that I can hardly remember the beginning... I've been a professional photographer for 25 years, and am a true creative at heart.


What I really want you to know is that I see you.  I know your struggles with self-love and self-worth because I've been there too.  I had no idea how powerful boudoir and women's portraiture was until I discovered it eight years ago... there is no feeling in the world like showing a woman how insanely beautiful she is.  I have seen women of all ages, shapes and sizes find a piece of themselves that had been missing for years or a side they didn't even know existed.  This is my dream job and I am so lucky to do it!   


I believe that boudoir photography can be a life changing, transformative experience that every woman should have. Not after you've lost that last few pounds, or have someone to give it to or even because you don't feel sexy enough, but now.  You're enough just as you are.  You're beautiful and you're worth it!   




Our boutique studio is located in the Summerlin area in Las Vegas, NV.  Every woman gets the complete luxury experience!  We sit down together in a one-on-one consultation to plan your dream shoot.  Sessions are catered to your unique style and preferences, and are for women of every age, shape and size.  I only photograph one session per shoot day, so that each client receives an incredible experience and never feels rushed.  I specialize in photographing women that have never had a boudoir shoot before, and sometimes any professional shoot before; almost every woman you see in my portfolio is a first-timer (except those that love it so much that they come back and do it again, so don't say I didn't warn you!).

Professional hair and makeup is included in all boudoir sessions; my all-female team specializes in making every woman feel confident and look beautiful.  During the shoot, you'll receive coaching the entire time, from posing to expression so that you won't have a thing to worry about except having fun. 

High end, professional retouching is also included in each session.  This includes skin smoothing, removal of blemishes, bruises, skin imperfections, stretch marks and minimizing of wrinkles.  The best retouching enhances your natural beauty and is not overdone, and is an absolute must for every boudoir shoot. 


A boudoir session is truly a dream shoot that I believe every woman should have.  Give the gift of a lifetime to your partner, your groom or to yourself.  There is magic in this thing called boudoir... I can't wait for you to experience it!

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Includes Professional Hair & Makeup. Products and Digitals Purchased Separately.


*Mia Portrait Studio retains the exclusive copyright for all artwork created.  

Digital image files may be used by clients for personal, non-commercial use only.

We do not do erotic or fetish photography.